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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Book Review: The Song of The Golden Hare

Emma from Bookish in Crickhowell gives us this month’s recommendation The Song of The Golden Hare Jackie Morris The boy knows his family is special; for centuries they have been guardians of the beautiful, magical Golden Hares, keeping them safe and secret from the rest of the world. So the boy and his sister watch […]

Feeling Clucky

There are many benefits to keeping chickens, namely eggs, but a lot of pleasure to be derived too. Here, Liz Sivewright of Llanfoist Poultry & Game Group gives us the lowdown. There is an increase in people wanting to keep chickens in the back garden, and there are many reasons for this. They provide fresh […]

Cats behaving badly

Anti-social antics and the reasons behind them Cats are wonderful, curious and independent creatures and make fabulous companions. Nevertheless, most cat owners will have experienced a frustrating feline situation at one time or another – you know the kind of thing; going to the loo where they shouldn’t, scratching, hissing, clawing. While this can be […]

Quite Interesting: Canine Facts

As dog owners we all know that our dogs are clever, able to read our body language expertly and are affectionate social creatures, but you may be amazed to discover just how interesting your dog really is. We still have a lot to discover about this amazing species but here are a few tasters to […]

In the garden: June

Summer is on its here! In fact, June 21st is Midsummer – the longest day of the year – and with the lengthier periods of light and warmer weather, there’s plenty to do in the garden. We’ve listed this month’s top jobs to get done in the garden, but in keeping with our animal theme […]

What’s Up Doc?

Contrary to popular belief, lettuce is not that good for rabbits, and neither are carrots. Tell that to Bugs and Peter! Lettuce, particularly iceberg, contains laudanum and can be harmful. Likewise, light-coloured lettuce contains little nutritional content. While some lettuces, like Romaine, are safe, you are better feeding your toothy pal with hay, grass, cabbage, […]

Bike Bash @ Bailey Park

abergavenny festival of cycling 2014

Part of the Abergavenny Cycling Festival and the National Road Championships Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th June This June and, for one day only, you can ride the Road of Champions! You will ride on Saturday 28th and the champs will ride on Sunday 29th but whether or not you are a rider, there’s no […]

Bee Happy!

Lynne Allbutt from Gwent Bee Keepers Association tells us all about her love of bees “I started keeping bees 5 years ago but stopped calling myself a bee keeper about three years ago.  One of the numerous fascinating things I had learnt was to be a Bee Guardian rather than a Bee keeper – keeping […]

Children and Dogs ~Stay Safe

Tracey Prall has a raft of experience and qualifications when it comes to dogs and she also runs her own successful Dog Training business; Canine Connections. Here she provides invaluable guidelines about how to keep your children safe around dogs. “As a dog trainer and dog owner, I believe passionately that children should be educated […]

A Tale of Three Castles

White Castle taken in 1974

Grosmont, Skenfrith and Llantilio Crossenny were more than fortresses guarding the Monnow Valley. Helen Morgan from Abergavenny Local History Society reports After the Normans arrived, these earth-and-timber strongholds were built to protect links between Hereford and Wales. They became seats of power and symbols of domination in an area whose population was almost entirely Welsh. […]

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