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Enter Gwent Wildlife Trust’s Wildlife from Home Competition

June 8th, 2020

Spotted any of your nature neighbours during lockdown? Are bees buzzing and birds bursting into song in your backyard?

May Bug by Rob Waller

Whatever #wildlifefromhome you’ve photographed or filmed during lockdown, now’s your chance to enter it in Gwent Wildlife Trust’s new competition.

Gwent Wildlife Trust has launched their #wildlifefromhome photography and video competition in response to the success of their Gwent Wildlife Spotting Facebook group which was created at the start of the Covid 19 lockdown.

The spotting page has seen hundreds of people from all over Gwent sharing the varied and amazing wildlife they’ve spotted in their gardens and local areas during lockdown, including bees, bugs, butterflies and badgers, kingfishers, moths and mammals such as hedgehogs and foxes, as well as many more other species of wildlife.

Gwent Wildlife Trust Patron, Naturalist Iolo Williams

Gwent Wildlife Trust Patron, Naturalist Iolo Williams is supporting the charity’s #wildlifefromhome competition and said: “Wherever you live each and every one of us is only a few feet away from nature in our neighbourhood, whether that’s in the garden, outside your window or in your street. Now more than ever with the current lockdown in place, it’s a great time to truly connect and appreciate your wildlife neighbours.

“From birds, bees, butterflies and other mini-beasts like beetles and moths, to foraging foxes, hedgehogs and roadside verges full of unmown wildflowers, there is whole new community of nature to experience right now. Please enjoy it safely and enter photos and videos of your sightings into Gwent Wildlife Trust’s #wildifefromhome competition and also share them on the Gwent Wildlife Trust Spotting page on Facebook.”

Entry into Gwent Wildlife Trust’s #wildlifefromhome competition is free and it runs until July 31st, 2020. To enter and find out more visit:

And to join Gwent Wildlife Trust’s Spotting page on Facebook visit:

Sarah Harris

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