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Why Advertise with Us?

The Focus brand is established and trusted by local people. Our magazines are hand delivered to 13,500 homes and businesses, with an estimated readership of 54,000. They are produced to a very high quality standard. Our lively editorial and features keep our readers engaged, and your advert in view. With our pricing structure to suit all budgets, you’ll find it's cheaper than you think! We have many discounts and savings available for longer duration advertising.

We distribute 8,000 magazines across Abergavenny and nearby villages every month. We carefully select distribution areas based on various demographics to ensure that where we deliver suits the needs of our advertisers.

We do not print street-by-street details of where we deliver our magazines. Similarly, you would not expect any business to make public certain information that may provide an edge to their competitors. However, if you have a specific street or address you would like to inquire about, please let us know, and we can advise you whether it is included in our distribution.

The following is a breakdown of the numbers of copies of the magazine distributed door to door in the various distribution areas:

  • Abergavenny Central: 1044
  • Abergavenny East: 519
  • Abergavenny North: 560
  • Abergavenny South: 525
  • Abergavenny West: 852
  • Bailey Park: 495
  • Belgrave Park: 441
  • Croesonen: 460
  • Gilwern Upper: 436
  • Gilwern Lower: 515
  • Govilon: 540
  • Hereford Road South: 524
  • Llanellen: 175
  • Llanfoist: 750

The remaining copies go to the One Stop Shop and Tourist information, to be picked up by people who would like a copy, but are not on a distribution round.

We give discounts for longer duration bookings. Try the advert calculator on the right to see what difference the number of months makes.

If you book 3 or more months, you qualify for our Block Booking rate. Just pay a 20% deposit to secure your booking, then pay monthly for the remaining balance.

By booking long term, you get our best available rate, and will stay in the minds of our readers, so when they need the service or product you offer, they automatically think of you first!
Our On Going Subscription rate is available for a minimum run of 6 months. We bill monthly and you pay by Direct Debit so there’s nothing else to worry about. We will automatically renew your booking each month, until you instruct us to stop. The majority of our advertisers use the On Going Subscription rate.

I need my advert designed. What happens?

We can do that for you and we do it for free too! As part of your booking we offer complimentary advert design. All you need to do is provide us with the exact wording that you’d like to appear on the advert, any images or logos to include and any other relevant information, and we’ll look after the rest.

Will I get to see my advert before the magazine goes to press?

Yes you will. Once we have designed an advert for you, we will email you an artwork proof, so that you can check that all the details are correct and that you are happy with how it looks. That gives us a chance to tweak it before it goes off to the printers.

I did have a leaflet made, can you use that for the advert?

If you have had a leaflet made, the chances are that you have a digital copy of it, in which case we can use this to help with the design of your advert. We can only work from a digital copy. A hard copy is fine, but we will have to use it as a guide rather than the basis of your advert.
If there is a logo on the leaflet that you can’t provide to us digitally, then it may be that we cannot re-create this for you, but we will always do our best!

Can I use the advert that you design for me in another publication/online?

When you receive the proof of your advert artwork, it will have a ‘Focus Magazines’ watermark stamp on it. This prevents our designs being used elsewhere without our permission. If you’d like to use the design that we create for you in another publication, you will need to pay a release fee for the design, which is £30 plus VAT, and then we can provide you with the design to use freely elsewhere. Unless the release fee is paid, copyright remains with Focus Magazines.

Can I have my advert on a particular page?

Yes you can! Premium spots in the magazine are particularly popular, but do occasionally become available. They have a different rate from other pages in the magazine, because of their positions. Get in touch to check for availability of Premium Pages.
Some advertisers like to have their adverts appear on a right hand page or a left hand page, at the front or at the top of the page. There are lots of possibilities. We always try to accommodate requests where we can. As a rule of thumb, we cycle adverts throughout the magazine on a month to month basis, so if you are booking for several months of adverts, you will find your ad will follow this cycle: front, middle, back positioning. Your first advert may well start off being placed at the back, meaning next month you’ll be near the front and so on.
If you really want a particular position guaranteed, you can pay £20 plus VAT to secure that position. This will guarantee one position only, so if you really want a right hand page at the front of the magazine in the bottom right hand corner, keep in mind there will be a £20 fee per request (in this case £60)

Will I get to see the magazine?

Yes, we can send out a hard copy of the magazine to you if you wish, so you can see your advert in all its printed glory! We also put digital versions of the magazine online for all the world to see! If your billing address is within the distribution area of the magazine, we will assume you don't need an additional copy posting, so let us know if you would like one.

Can I have an editorial?

Editorial is offered on a discretionary basis. Our aim is to champion local business as much as possible and we can occasionally offer complimentary editorial, especially if the advert fits with our monthly feature theme.
We ask that you book a minimum half page advert or a block/on going quarter page advert with us in order to meet our complimentary editorial criteria.

Can I have an advertorial then?

Yes you can. Advertorials are charged in the same way as adverts. You can take up as much space as you like with photos and words and we’ll just charge you for the equivalent advertising space. We can assist with the layout of this for you, so that it’s in keeping with the overall style of how we lay out the magazine, or you can provide it laid out to us if you prefer. If you’d like a bespoke written advertorial, then we can also look after that for you. There is an additional cost associated with bespoke copywriting, so let us know if you’d like this and we can give you a quote.

Can I change my advert?

Yes, as long as you advise us before the copy deadline, we can either adjust your artwork or you can provide us with a completely new advert to slot in.

Can I change the size of my advert month to month?

Yes you can, even if you have a block or on going booking with us. All you need to do is let us know before 15th of the month and we can adjust the size of your advert for the next publication. You can go up or down in size and the rate you pay will depend on the type of booking you have with us, but any associated discounts will apply.

What if I don’t meet the deadline?

If you have made a booking with us and you don’t meet the deadline in terms of supplying your artwork then you will be liable for payment of that space, as we will not be able to re-sell it to another client. If you have an existing advert with us that you had wanted to change but didn’t make the deadline in time, we will run the most recent or the most applicable advert based on our judgment. You will still be liable to pay for this.

How do I know my advert is working?

Not all of the Focus readers will tell you that they’ve seen your advert in the magazine, so often it can be difficult to gauge. The best option for you is to book for a series of advert with us – a minimum of 3 is best. This will give you a better idea of whether you see a trending increase in your business over a few months, rather than trying to gauge from presence in just one month’s publication. Discount offers, vouchers and codes are a good way to track business and can be included as part of your advert.
Additionally we offer online advert space and we can track reach and engagement for you with this tool. Talk to us more about how this can work for you.

Please click here to download our standard terms and conditions of service.

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