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The Sausage Sitter & Friends – Dog Adventures

January 6th, 2022

We are Steve and Nikki Beer ~ also known as ‘The Sausage Sitters’

We both have backgrounds in the military and have travelled and been deployed on many operations worldwide. When Nikki left the forces, she followed her lifelong passion for dogs immediately by training and qualifying as a dog groomer. For me, Steve, after serving in the forces, in 2015 I moved into the corporate world.

Dachshunds first came into our lives in 2018 with the arrival of Honey. By that summer, we’d fallen in love with the breed so much that we had a string of sausages as well as our beloved Weimeraner, Maddie.

Then, following the Covid-19 pandemic and personal events, I came to the decision that the time had come to do something I truly had a passion for, which could also provide the work life balance that my family had been missing out on for so long…and so the idea for the Sausage Sitter and Friends was born.

Dachshund Boarding

We strongly believe that a dog is part of the family – our dogs do pretty much everything with us. This becomes a dilemma for all dog parents when we need to be away from our dogs. This might occur during the week due to work hours, or because of a holiday or work commitments that require us to stay away a couple of nights each week. If you’re reading this as a dog parent you will completely understand where I’m coming from. You want somebody who you can trust to provide the care and safe environment that all dogs depend upon. That’s where we come in.

We provide:

  • Specialist boarding for Dachsunds in our own home.
  • Our home and garden are specially adapted for Dachsunds, with ramps.
  • Expert breed knowledge and understanding of potential health issues such as IVDD.
  • We provide the same love, care and attention to our visiting Sausage’s as we do for our own girls.

Dog Adventures & Day Care

At The Sausage Stitter, we aim to improve the physical health and mental well being of all the dogs in our Sausage Sitter family. We aim to do this by connecting them to their environment and nature, through social, safe adventures with fun and enrichment.
We always use positive reinforcement methods and reward your dog’s good behaviour, listening and ‘good canine’ social skills.
All our Dog Adventures incorporate the Sausage Sitter’s four key principles of “SAFE”:

  1. Safety
  2. Adventure
  3. Fun
  4. Enrichment

Our Dog Adventures are available for friendly, sociable adult dogs. Your dog will join a small, exclusive group of dogs to enjoy and experience different locations around Abergavenny and sometimes beyond! The group will have fun with challenges, play and activities including low level agility, scent games, find-it games and brain worker games. All adventures are tailored to suit the loves and requirements of the dogs. Groups are centred on compatible dogs that get on and enjoy each other’s company. We offer puppy adventures too, suitable for younger dogs between six and twelve months old. If you require all day care for your dog as well as an adventure, we offer a package that includes collection and drop off in our specially adapted van, a full day of adventure, care and company.

07368 398 688

We are licensed and inspected by Monmouthshire Animal Welfare Services, fully insured, DBS checked and Veterinary First Aid trained by registered RVN.

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