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boy-and-dogTracey Prall has a raft of experience and qualifications when it comes to dogs and she also runs her own successful Dog Training business; Canine Connections. Here she provides invaluable guidelines about how to keep your children safe around dogs.

“As a dog trainer and dog owner, I believe passionately that children should be educated at an early age about how to be safe around dogs. I have just recently finished a pilot scheme where I did talks to Deri View Primary school reception class on dog safety. It is important for children and their parents to learn about a dog’s expressions and their body language in order to prevent any incidents happening. I always recommend that a child and a dog should never be left alone in a room even for one second, to protect the safety of both child and dog. Dogs make great companions and offer so much to enhance our lives. By following these Golden Rules we can prevent mishaps from happening and keep children and dogs safe.”

Golden Rules

  1. NEVER disturb a dog when it is sleeping, eating or feeling unwell.
  2. NEVER make sudden movements or shout when close to a dog as it can frighten them. Instead, DO be quiet and calm and wait for the dog to approach you. Then you can give the dog a stroke.
  3. ALWAYS ask permission from a dog’s owner if you can say hello to their dog. Some dogs might not be friendly or feel very frightened of children or people approaching them.
  4. Some dogs don’t like to be petted, RESPECT their space. Just like humans, dogs are all individual with different personalities.
  5. DON’T kiss or hug or put your face close to a dog (even one you know) as sometimes they can feel smothered or trapped. INSTEAD stroke the dog calmly and gently under the chin or on its chest.
  6. ALL games should be supervised. Games are a great way to build a relationship with your dog, play fetch and retrieve.
  7. If you are out and a strange dog runs towards you, keep extremely STILL and fold your hands across your chest and do not scream. The dog will lose interest in you so you can calmly walk away.
  8. NEVER stare at a dog, they can find this intimidating.
  9. Treat dogs GENTLY and with respect. Treat them how you would like to be treated.

boys-and-dog2Contact Tracey Prall at Canine Connections Dog Training.
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