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Only 1 Easter Stone left after 3 more are found this weekend

March 11th, 2018

Abergavenny has gone stone hunting mad!

On Friday, Stacey and Rosalie Callard discovered the ‘Make a Wish’ stone, beside one of the standing stones in Swan Meadows – which was the solution to clue number 3.

Rosalie Callard discovers a stone in Swan Meadows

On Sunday afternoon two more stones were discovered. Fisrt, Amber and Logan Morris-Powley went searching on the Skirrid with their mum, Cheryl. They discovered the ‘Northern Lights’ stone at the start of the footpath that goes up the mountain from the Old Ross Road. Cheryl said, We found it on the way down lol, two hours of staring at the ground and it was right at the bottom ? (which the clue said of course!)

Amber and Logan Morris-Powley discovered theirs at the foot of the Skirrid

Ella-May and Olly Burton were searching around Keepers Pond on the Blorenge with their mum, Gemma, when they discovered the ‘Rainbow Hearts’ stone. Gemma said, “We had been looking for the one to do with St Michaels, but couldn’t find it. We went around the pond and were on our way back to the car, and had given up, until the kids ran off the path and found it in a hole!”

Ella-May and Olly Burton discovered their stone on the Blorenge

Congratulations to Rosalie, Amber, Logan, Ella-May and Olly! Fantastic hunting! Your chocolate prizes will be with you very soon.

There’s only one stone left to find – Click here for a reminder of the clue – Get hunting!



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