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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Retail Business : A Personal Insight

Fable Toy Shop Abergavenny

Emma Corfield-Walters, owner and proprietor of Fable Toyshop in Abergavenny and Bookish in Crickhowell, gives us an insight into the trials and tribulations as well as the rewards associated with opening and owning a retail business. Q. How did you get from the initial lightbulb moment of wanting to open a shop to actually doing […]

Cloud Computing for Small and Medium Businesses

Cloud Computing is a popular buzzword which refers to use of software that is ‘hosted’ by a service provider and ‘rented’ to users, who use the software through the internet. It sounds complicated but you likely use ‘cloud’ services everyday: Hotmail/Gmail, Amazon, PayPal, eBay, Facebook, Twitter…  All are ‘cloud services’. Many companies now in fact […]

Business Mentors : Finding the Magic of Business Success

With over thirty years of business experience, Georgina Lester is a personal and business coach, writer, business and marketing mentor specialising in helping small businesses develop their brand, find their unique stories and master the art of online marketing both locally and internationally. Here she talks about mentoring and how much it can aid the […]

Taking the Plunge : Some finacial tips on starting your own business

Abergavenny Focus

The new calendar year is often a time when people seek a fresh start and one way is to put into place the business idea that you’ve always had. You may have the product, may have researched your market and may have a plan to make money. But, beware, because not every member of the […]

The Stigma of Seeking Help

Behavioural Consultant based in Abergavenny

Being a parent is a tough gig. The job of raising a child doesn’t come with four weeks annual leave, private health or a pension plan. It comes with a lot of stress, hard work and keeping many antisocial hours, including late nights and weekends. So why do it? Because it is, of course, the […]

Crickhowell Walking Festival Kicks Off the Outdoor Season


Once again the highly successful Crickhowell Walking Festival gets people – locals and visitors – out and about and enjoying our beautiful countryside with 80 walks and a number of events in the evenings. This year it runs from 1st to 9th March. The organisers are always looking for novel ideas and this year is […]

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

When Don Tillman, professor of genetics, decides that it’s time for him to find a wife, there’s only one way for him to proceed; logically. Don compiles a questionnaire and endeavours to find a woman who might last more than one date. For Don Tillman is not your average guy – he’s firmly on the […]

Solve it Yourself! solution

Many of you will have read our ‘Solve it Yourself’ story from January’s issue, concerning the mysterious murder of Mr Kippering at a fancy soiree. The inspector promised to reveal Mr Phipps’s modus operandi to the assembled guests. Here is the solution: Mr Kippering was poisoned following the consumption of the wild mushroom soup. The […]

Merthyr’s Meteoric Rise and Fall

In the mid-18th century, a tiny hamlet in the hills became the heartbeat of the industrial revolution. Helen Morgan reports It was the Seven Years’ War that did it. Demand grew for ships, cannon and other war machinery needed to support King George III’s colonial ambitions, and the price of iron soared. Attention turned to […]

Lavender Hearts

lavender hearts

Lavender flavoured cakes and biscuits are all the rage at the moment.  This shortbread is subtle in flavour and goes perfectly with a cup of Earl Grey tea.  Of course you can make the biscuits any shape, but hearts are particularly appropriate for Valentine’s Day.  It’s an easy, straightforward recipe and should make 15-20 biscuits […]

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