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A New Parent’s Guide to Pushchairs

March 15th, 2023

If you’re expecting children, you’re probably planning the essential baby items you’ll have to buy, especially if you’re anticipating the birth of your firstborn.

The Times reports that the cost of having a baby up to three years old is £44,097, and some of that investment will be spent on items such as a pushchair. And with so many pushchairs and brands available in the market today, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Especially if you plan on growing your family in the near future. In this post, we’ll look at the different types of pushchairs, along with their prices and useful accessories you may need:

Types of pushchairs

Pushchairs come in different forms depending on your child’s age and needs. Prams offer a flat recline perfect for newborns under six months old, while conventional strollers or pushchairs are meant for children who can sit and hold their heads upright. For outdoorsy and sporty parents, running/jogging pushchairs are fitted with three large tires that are great for various terrains, making your little one’s ride ultra-smooth.

For twins or siblings close in age, double pushchairs allow parents to travel with both children in a single pushchair. The good news is that you don’t need to buy individual pushchairs for every child. iCandy’s double pushchairs represent how contemporary models are made with growing families in mind and can convert from single models into double tandem designs. Multi-functional models like the Orange Double also come with a comfortable carrycot and a changing bag; these can convert to a full travel system with included car seat adaptors. This makes them an excellent choice for long car trips with the family.

Accessories for pushchairs

Aside from the different designs and functionalities, you can also invest in pushchair accessories to fit your needs. Some of the best accessories include a changing bag to fit all your baby essentials, a rain cover for lousy weather, and even cupholders to hold your baby bottle or your coffee. Depending on your pushchair’s brand of choice, some brands may offer bundles that include accessories with your pushchair. You can also look for pushchair attachments like a clip or hook that can be attached to the handlebars of your pushchair. This will let you hang your bags or strapped water tumblers to keep your hands free and focused on controlling the pushchair’s movements.

Prices of pushchairs

At this point in the guide, you may wonder how much your pushchair investment will cost. The price range wholly depends on how simple or advanced your pushchair is and whether or not it’s bundled with other accessories or features. A combination package or a “travel system” will last you a long time and can be used for various conditions but may have a premium price tag. Depending on your budget prices can range from £100 to well over £1,000.

Smart pushchairs are becoming increasingly popular if you seek even more luxury alternatives. The Glüxkind ‘Ella’ baby stroller is set to be presented at CES 2023 and is going to feature adaptive push and braking assistance using its built-in Advanced Driver Assist System. It is also equipped with a dual-drive motor to help parents push the stroller up inclines easily. The price is £2,700

Pushchair maintenance

Finally, your pushchair will be a valuable investment, so you must take the time to maintain and clean it. It’s recommended that you do some quick cleaning as often as possible. Wiping down your stroller will help kill any germs on the surface, and you’ll be able to spot and remove any crumbs or solid dirt you see.

And then there is deep cleaning — where you’ll have to disassemble the pushchair’s frame, remove its fabric, check for mould, and wash the mud off its tires. It’s recommended to deep clean your pushchairs at least twice a year to ensure they stay clean and safe for your child.

That concludes our guide to pushchairs! Do check out our Kids Archives for more insightful articles and features on parenthood and children.

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