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Monthly Archives: July 2020

South Powys Focus August 2020 issue

Well! Welcome back! We really hope that you and your families are safe and well. As many of you know, in light of the recent Coronavirus situation, we haven’t produced a printed copy of the South Powys Focus since April. That’s not to say we’ve had time off – we haven’t. Instead we took our […]

Abergavenny Focus August 2020 issue

It’s all too easy to get down in the dumps these days, don’t you find? Every which way we turn, there seems to be a new challenge, a new pressure or a new problem to navigate. It’s really easy to become overwhelmed. The easing of lockdown has meant many different things to me. I love […]

Abergavenny Focus August 2020

South Powys Focus August 2020

Abergavenny Nature Project to Help Rediscover Our ‘Wild Lives’

The founders of local outdoor playgroup Wild Tots are calling on adults and children of all ages to join them in a journey of discovery this summer. Our Wild Lives is an online adventure designed to encourage people to rediscover and reconnect with the natural world as lockdown restrictions start to ease. Each week on […]

Crossword Solution: July 2020 issue

Dining In is the New Dining Out

As months of lockdown gradually begin to ease, there are still lots of restrictions in place, especially for the hospitality and restaurant industry. Luckily, here in Abergavenny, we’re blessed with lots of independent businesses with quirky out-of-the-box thinking, who have come up with cool ideas to make dining in much more than just a pizza, […]

Where Did 13 Weeks Go?

The Parrys Fine & Country Team closed their doors on 23rd March. That morning Partner, Heather Cook, ventured into the office in the early hours, one last time, to collect what she could in order to work remotely, not knowing when or if the time would come that the doors would be open again. After […]

Love is What We Have in Common

I watched an eight minute video of a man being crushed to death and I realised I know nothing. The content of my little world—white, middle class, male—was placed in sudden stark relief against the backdrop of all human experience and I felt small and useless. Coming up short for pragmatic solutions, I fell back […]

Crickhowell’s Battle to Protect Award-Winning High Street

Five years ago, residents of Crickhowell packed their town centre, waved placards, chanted slogans and stopped a national supermarket chain moving into their town. Their efforts helped Crickhowell win the title of ‘Best High Street in the UK’. But now they are fighting again. At the centre of the battle is a former social club […]

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