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MothersDayCard01Here’s a simple, fun and easy to make Mother’s day card idea that will also make a wonderful keepsake.
  1. Take one A4 piece of card in the colour of your choosing. Fold it in half and place the child’s hand on it, slightly open. Trace around the hand and cut out the shape keeping the card folded.
  2. You will now have two little hands, ready to decorate – it can be as simple or as messy as you like. Stickers, crayons or glitter, anything goes. It helps to draw the nails on the correct sides of each hand so the little ones don’t get confused about which side to decorate.
  3. Cut a different coloured strip of paper, about 25cm long and 3cm wide. On this, write “Mummy I love you thiiiiiis much”.
  4. Fold the paper in a concertina fashion, and glue the ends on the undecorated side of each hand. To make sure you position the message properly, lay the hands flat (undecorated side up) with the thumbs touching, then place the strip of paper in with the message facing outwards.
  5. Once glued in position, you can decorate the interior of the card as you like.
  6. When you are finished, open out the card to make the little hands stretch out the message – I love you thiiiiiiis much!



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