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When potential advertisers approach us at the Focus, they have one thing in mind: they want more sales.

There’s loads of ways to go about advertising a business, service or product: through your own website, Facebook, Instagram, leaflets, you name it, there’s a marketing solution for it.

One age old, tried and tested method of advertising is magazine advertising. Pick up any magazine anywhere and they’re full of adverts, and not just any advert either. Big brand names advertise in magazines all the time.

Why? The simple answer is because it works.

There are countless research papers to back it up and prove that print advertising is not only more effective than online advertising, it’s also more memorable.

You won’t see adverts for Mercedes or Louis Vuitton in the pages of the Focus. Our market is local businesses advertising to the local market and that’s what we like to concentrate on. We bring over ten years of experience to our customers, so that when an advertiser approaches us, not only do we know from feedback what type of advert does and doesn’t work, we also know how to put the advert together so that it looks as impactful as possible.

We know plenty of tricks that will make your advert copy stand out too.

We can tell you what NOT to list in an advert and exactly what you should be making a noise about, so you avoid the pitfalls that so many advertisers elsewhere fall into.

When you advertise your business, you have a window of opportunity to grab your customer’s attention. Why try and do that by yourself? Don’t waste that window of opportunity. We’re experts at it, and we know how to do it.

If you’re looking to advertise your business, whether it’s big or small, we’d love to chat to you about how we can help. You don’t need huge advertising budgets like Mercedes and Louis Vuitton – we have solutions that start from just £30 a month, and you’ll get all our design and marketing expertise thrown in for free.

Don’t waste time in ploughing all your efforts into social media where your content will get lost and where you have to fight hard to get noticed. Harness your local market by advertising in the Focus, which lands on over 14,000 local doormats EVERY month. That’s a lot of local eyes looking at your local business!

Call us, Hannah or Pete, on 01873 856614 or send us an email

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