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I love summer, don’t you? I find it so uplifting. I spent some of my childhood living in Singapore, so sunshine and warmth and being outdoors formed part of my early life and my love of this type of weather has followed me into adulthood.

When the summer solstice occurs in June it always makes me think of new beginnings and the promise of (hopefully) warm summer days ahead. Everyone had such a tough time in 2020, but the incredible spring and summer weather certainly helped in making those challenging times a little easier to navigate.

Now that many restrictions have eased, I find it a joy to see Abergavenny coming alive again; its pavements are dotted with tables and chairs and people dining alfresco, whiling away an hour or two over coffee with friends and family. It’s amazing that in spite of the challenges of our Great British weather, our local hospitality owners, who have had such a difficult 18 months, have been so innovative in creating safe spaces for socialising. Long may the alfresco socialising continue as it adds such a vibrant and celebratory buzz to our town.

As you can imagine, summer is always a great time to sell a house. Gardens put on their best performances with swathes of colour and an abundance of flowers, while a patio or decking brings something of Mediterranean promise to a buyer when it’s been freshly cleaned and a few strategic pots of flowers and aromatic herbs are placed on it. To stand outside and enjoy a view or to sit in a garden room and see the sun streaming through the windows is something special, and best appreciated in spring or summer.

At this time of year, it’s not too much of a leap for a purchaser to imagine oneself enjoying an evening outside, sipping a glass of something lovely, enjoying a BBQ with friends and family or grabbing a blanket and cosying up to gaze at the beautiful pink hues of a welsh summer sunset. Naturally, my passion for property is not restricted to the sunshine months; I love homes year round, whatever the weather, but summer lends itself to capturing one’s imagination and is exactly why the market is so buoyant during this season.

I’m not alone when it comes to loving the sunshine and being outdoors. In previous articles I’ve shared with you how much the Parrys Fine & Country team love to enjoy the outdoors too. That might be sleeping under the stars, enjoying picnics, walking in our beautiful countryside, taking a trip to the beach and surfing, paddle boarding or simply just sitting outside enjoying a book.

Since my spinal surgery, I have been ticking off the list of post op activities that I promised myself that I would do. During my early years in Singapore, I loved to swim in the sea and these days I do so at every opportunity when I travel abroad to the sunshine. This year, I am donning a wetsuit and trying open water swimming at one of our lakes. Whilst the idea of wearing a wetsuit does not appeal, the thought of being in the water with the sun on my face is something I shall look forward to. I’ll tell you all about it soon!

Our marketing campaigns this summer are focussed on happiness and the future. To find your happy, just add a dose of summer sunshine!

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