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Make Your Flags

You can print out a template or make your own.
If you would like to print out flags, we have created a print-ready version for you, which combines both the Union Flag and the Welsh Flag. Click on the picture to download it.

If you prefer blank flags, visit: for a printable template and simply cut along the dotted lines.

To make your own template:

  • Take an A4 piece of paper long ways up (portrait)
  • Fold over about 2cm at the top
  • Fold the paper in half long ways
  • Draw a line diagonally from the outside of the paper at the top to the fold in the middle at the bottom
  • Cut along that line through both sides of the paper
  • Unfold your paper to reveal a triangular shaped flag

Decorate your flags but leave the top strip blank. Use paint, pencils, collage, glitter, stickers, pens, crayons…whatever!

When you’ve decorated your triangles, place string or ribbon beneath your flap, glue or tape it into place and fold the flap over.

Leave a gap between each triangular flag and keep adding to them until you’re done, peaving a spare length of string or ribbon at each end for hanging.

Hang your bunting in your garden or in your windows for people to enjoy!

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