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If you’re pregnant and planning to breastfeed then learning as much as possible in advance about this ancient art is a very good idea.

In this day and age when not all women have experienced breastfeeding within their own families, the internet makes it very easy to find breastfeeding videos online. However there is still no substitute for witnessing the real thing, in person. Watching a video will only give you the point of view that the camera provides. Watching a mother feeding her baby in real life gives you the opportunity to see from a variety of angles in order to get a balanced all-round picture. In addition, you will be able to chat to the mums and pick up valuable tips and guidelines for the journey ahead. The Abergavenny Breastfeeding Group (ABG) actively encourages expectant mums to drop in as often as they like before their due date to familiarise themselves with breastfeeding and all its many facets. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time mother or an experienced mum of several children; if you are breastfeeding then ABG is here for you.

Once baby is born you will be taken care of by your community midwifery team who will guide you through the first few weeks of breastfeeding. During those early days of getting to know your baby you will unlikely feel like leaving the house much, let alone attending a support group. This however is where our social media support can be very useful. No matter what time of day or night you can guarantee that one of our members will be there to offer her support and advice. Even if she cannot help solve a specific problem in the middle of the night then the solidarity is worth its weight in gold. Mothers who wish to access this online community can find us easily on Facebook.

When you feel more able to get out and about then get yourself to our weekly Tuesday morning meetings at Kingdom Come Play Centre. Here you will find a variety of mums socialising over a cuppa and a snack while swapping their stories of birth and beyond. With fully trained breastfeeding peer supporters on hand plus a midwife to help with any particular hurdles you may be encountering, this is a warm and welcoming environment for any woman in search of breastfeeding support.

Abergavenny Breastfeeding Group meets every Tuesday between 10am and 12pm at Kingdom Come Play Centre, Unit 3, Castle Meadow Park, Merthyr Rd. There is a £1 entry charge for babies under 12 months of age and reduced entry for older siblings of £2.25.

Bethan Harrington

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