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monica-galetti-abergavenny-focusMonica Galetti, the straight-talking chef from MasterChef the Professionals, will be headlining at this year’s Abergavenny Food Festival. Here she tells us about her new book, ‘The Skills’, in which she reveals many of the techniques she is famed for judging!

“I often find that home cooks are so daunted by certain kitchen skills that they imagine they’ll never be able to master them. They will avoid buying fresh squid, for example, because the thought of preparing it and knowing how to handle it is just too frightening. Only a chef can have this sort of technical skill, right? Making puff… pastry yourself must surely be impossible if you’re not a pastry chef… But the truth is that anyone can do these things with the right instructions and support. It’s usually much easier than people think, and of course the more you practise, the easier and quicker it gets.”

Monica is appearing in the Borough theatre on Fri, 16 Sep 2016 19:30pm

Here’s our round up of Fabulous Foodie Recipes:

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