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Police? Ambulance? Fire?  We all know to call 999. What about Caring?
When you are caring for a loved one who is ill, frail, disabled, has mental health or substance misuse problems it can be hard to know where to turn for support.
Carers often reach a crisis before they try to find help, coping on their own, sometimes ignoring their own health needs.

If you care for someone who cannot manage without your help we care about you.

We are Powys Carers Service, a charity that helps Carers of all ages throughout Powys. We offer one to one support, advice, counselling and Advocacy. Someone to talk to, lean on and to help you speak up for what you want or need. Young Carers in the family can have someone to talk to one to one, help at school, groups and trips with other young people in similar positions.

Call 01597 823 800 – you will have someone to talk to that really listens, will understand the highs and lows of caring, and is on your side. Powys Carers Service can help you manage your caring responsibilities, hopefully avoiding the crisis issues that drive many Carers to breakdown.

You can help us to help Carers by making sure all the Carers you are aware of know where to turn to before they need the emergency services.

Powys Carers Service. 01597 823 800. Email: Visit:



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