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Welcomes you to the 2nd Annual community celebration of all that helps us when our life is going well or when the going gets tough.   There will be music, movement, food and laughter and plenty of stalls to browse. Wellbeing Matters Abergavenny will be showcasing an amazing range of organisations and activities there are in Abergavenny and roundabout that actively promote wellbeing.  Wellbeing matters will be spreading the news about how to get support when life gets difficult, or how to get involved in sports, community activities, connect to life of the soul or heal and nourish your body through massage and natural therapies.      Join them on Sunday 26th April in the Market Hall, Abergavenny between 11am and 3pm.


Why WellBeing Matters

Wellbeing matters, as the World Happiness Report of 2013 highlighted, because it helps us all function better, increases our productivity, enhances our social life, and, when enough of us experience well-being, it improves community cohesion.  Put simply, well-being is a sign that we judge life positively and feel good. Sounds subjective? Maybe, but there is increasing evidence that when we are satisfied with the life we live and feel positive about what’s happening to us and the people we care for, we are healthier, happier, and more able to deal with the inevitable problems or challenges that life throws up.

There has long been evidence that people think well-being matters enough for government to make it a policy goal.  A BBC poll back in 2006 found that 81% of people in the UK supported the idea that government’s prime objective should be the ‘greatest happiness’ rather than the ‘greatest wealth’.   In Wales, we are ahead of the rest of the UK.  The Welsh government through its proposed “Well-being of Future Generations Bill” currently going through Senedd has put wellbeing at the heart of its vision for a sustainable Wales.  The legislation once passed will promote the economic, social and environmental wellbeing and enhance people’s quality of life in Wales.


WellBeing Matters in Abergavenny

Policies aren’t enough though.  Local communities, like Abergavenny, matter hugely in creating a shared sense of wellbeing and satisfaction with life.  What happens in our neighbourhoods and communities puts life into policy prescriptions.  The Well-being Matters celebration at the market hall on April 26th is bringing together people who care about wellbeing in our community and spreading the word about what’s going one to promote wellbeing in Abergavenny.  Organised for the second year running, by the local community group, Wellbeing Matters Abergavenny, the event showcases a range of clubs, community groups and support organisations all working in their own way to promote well-being.  Last April’s first Wellbeing Matters event was highly successful and this one promises to be even better.

If you would like to be part of this exciting event then please email wellbeing matters or visit its  face book page; Wellbeing Matters Abergavenny.

Wellbeing Matters Abergavenny are part of the Abergavenny Transition town movement. It is also supported by Green Valleys CIC.  Wellbeing matters has the support of local general practitioners, Gavo, Abergavenny Leisure centre and health services.

Mary Ann Brocklesby

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