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Sergeant Craig Morgan said “Powys is a safe place to live and the chances of you becoming a victim of personal crime are low. But we can all take simple precautions and make ourselves aware to keep safe.”
  • If you are walking, jogging or cycling in the dark, get a personal attack alarm from a DIY store or ask your local crime prevention officer where you can buy one. Carry it in your hand so you can use it immediately to scare off an attacker.
  • Carry your house keys in your pocket.
  • If you think someone is following you, then go to the nearest place where there are other people – a pub or anywhere with a lot of lights on – and call the police.
  •  If you regularly go jogging or cycling, try to vary your route and time. Stick to well-lit roads with pavements. On commons and parklands, keep to main paths and open spaces where you can see and be seen by other people – avoid wooded areas. If you wear a personal stereo, remember you can’t hear traffic or somebody approaching behind you.
  • Don’t hitch-hike or take lifts from strangers.
  • If a car stops and you are threatened, scream and shout and set off your personal attack alarm if you have one. Get away as quickly as you can. This will gain you vital seconds and make it more difficult for the car driver to follow. If you can, make a mental note of the number and description of the car. Write down details as soon as possible afterwards.


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