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The community of Crickhowell, both residents and businesses, have united together to try and ensure a positive and sustainable future for the High Street AND its community.


We discovered that one of our longest-running business, The Corn Exchange, faces closure as Punch taverns want to close it and lease it to a supermarket chain as a large convenience store. There is nothing convenient about a store that threatens our much-loved and well-used family run businesses, as Emma from Totally Locally Crickhowell said recently at our Public Meeting!

The activities of the action group has been widely reported in the media

The activities of the action group has been widely reported in the media

But, we are NOT just saying ‘No’ to this unwelcome idea, because from the beginning, we began discussing what our other options could be. Within 24 hours of finding out the proposals, we held a rally in the High St, Friday afternoon, which attracted 200 people! Then we, (Totally Locally Crickhowell and Crickhowell Civic Society) organised a Public Meeting for the following Wednesday evening. 400 people filled the Clarence Hall, more waited impatiently outside.

We formed the Corn Exchange Action Group and asked people to vote on a poll for various positive options. The Steering Committee of CEAG are planning to meet with Punch Taverns, and aim to halt the current proposals, for which the planning application contains faults, and will need to be re-submitted at worst, hopefully withdrawn at best.

Why are we doing this? Because we are one of the LAST independent high streets in Wales! We love our close-knit community – where else can you call your grocer and ask them to pop to the chemist and butchers before they deliver your food order? In Crickhowell, the shop-keepers know you by name, and are genuinely interested in how you are. If you forget your child’s sandwiches for a school trip, you can knock the baker’s door early in the morning and have them made there and then; and importantly, the majority of your spend goes back into the local community.

Our online petition has over 2000 signatures, and hard copies in town contain nearly the same. However, the most important way to voice your objection is by letter. You can download template letters to send in your objections, by clicking on this link:
Hard copies are in our shops to pick up, or email for more at Letters need to be sent before the 21st, please. Thank you!

Emma Bevan (co-chair of CEAG)

Please support our local businesses

One response to “If you love Crickhowell as it is, then read on…”

  1. local o.a.p. disabled of area says:

    Where is the petition for us old age pensioner’s to sign to say we may like a store where we could buy our groceries in one place that was accessible as as it is we cannot get into the shops due to the pavements and steps . What happened to to 2006 legislation saying all shops etc. Had to be disabled friendly? We d did support purchase local shops when we were fit and able but now with parking down both sides of the street and the steps we have to go out of town where they cater for us. As for the idea of a market we had two of them but local shops were not pleased with them .so it appears these local business people are only thinking of themselves. Maybe they should look at Abergavenny which was a thriving busy town will lots of small shops and lots of of shoppers now there are no shops because they too objected to a grocery store . I wonder how many of these people who have signed the objection do all there weekly shop in crickhowell!!!! I was a small business owner and realised we all need other shops to attract people to come to our areas to shop and then they shop with us as well

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