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We invited the local candidates* to tell us a little about themselves, and why we should consider voting for them.

*We invited all major parties to contribute – not all chose to take part


David Davies, Conservative


daviddavies“For the last 10 years it has been an honour to represent the constituency of Monmouth in Parliament. During that time I have taken up hundreds of cases for individuals and organisations. I have championed local concerns such as the lack of a Cancer Drugs Fund in Wales, the continued fight for superfast broadband, and rising tolls on the Severn Bridge. The news in the pre-election Budget that tolls will come down by the cost of VAT in 2018 was a welcome first step but I believe more must be done.

I give a high priority to supporting local businesses. They provide valuable employment and create the wealth that is so important to the local economy. I have also campaigned for a cut in VAT on the tourist industry.

At a national level, I fully support the drive to reduce government borrowing. In 2010 when the coalition took over, the UK Government was borrowing £160 billion a year. That has now been cut to £80 billion a year – but it is still far too high. It is wrong for governments to borrow vast amounts leaving the next generation to pay back the debt.

As a result, the economy is growing faster than anywhere else in the developed world. Inflation is low and 1.8million more people are in work. A strong economy pays for the public services we need and should be the next government’s top priority.

Of course we should not ignore other issues like immigration and the EU, which will be mentioned a lot. The coalition has reduced immigration from outside the EU but is unable to prevent movements of people from within. It is Conservative policy to demand powers back from the EU then put the new offer to the British public in a referendum. We are the only party that could deliver a referendum on the EU.

For these reasons, I hope people will be persuaded to once again offer me their support in the General Election.”

David T C Davies
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Monmouth

Ruth Jones, Labour Party


Ruth-JonesWith a month to go till the general election, the Monmouth Labour Campaign Team is working hard to get Labour candidate Ruth Jones elected. Only Labour can beat the Tories in this constituency.

Ruth is a physiotherapist with the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. In the course of her work, she has met local people of all backgrounds, and seen how people suffer when they are victims of unfairness.

She says: “I feel privileged to work in the Aneurin Bevan Health Board where the NHS was born. Nye Bevan saw the system that miners in Tredegar had set up to care for their families. He took that scheme to Westminster and developed it into the NHS that benefits us all. The Tories are systematically dismantling the NHS in England. We will not let them do that in Wales.”

A former President of the Wales TUC, Ruth has always worked to ensure people get a fair deal. She will bring the same sense of fairness to Parliament. Her aim is to create a community where everyone – not just a few at the top – has the chance to get on.

Ruth is resolute in her aim to bring about change for local people. During the last 15 months of campaigning she has been meeting people of all ages and walks of life, including students, young people, workers and community and business leaders. She has campaigned tirelessly on the doorstep, on the phone, by email and through social media. Ruth will appear at a series of hustings to get Labour’s message out to as many people as possible. To find out more about her activities and get in contact, visit

She says: “What drives me on is meeting so many people in the constituency who are working hard in tough circumstances to improve their lives and being beaten back by Tory-led austerity. I am saddened that that in 2010 so many constituents didn’t use their vote. Labour is determined to give people reasons to vote, by abolishing the bedroom tax, ending zero hours contracts and promoting fairness and equality of opportunity in all aspects of life.

Ruth Jones

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