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v6Fo1lj4_400x400After almost a decade of planning, the former Park Street Infants School will now enjoy a new lease of life as it begins to serve the Abergavenny district as a centre for community-enterprise. On January 29th the building was handed over to the Abergavenny Community Trust, the charitable non-profit company behind the business plan that lead up to the Lease contracts.

“Community spirit is alive and well,” says Trust Director Chris Aldous. “People have arrived each day to help us breathe new life into the fabric of the landmark Victorian building which closed in 2006 as part of a Review of Primary education, in Monmouthshire.”

The centre will be officially opened on 28th February by the Mayor of Abergavenny who will attend an evening ticketed performance by our partners PuppetSoup. On Sunday 1st March, St. David’s Day, there will be an Open Day from 11am – 4pm for people to come and glimpse some of the exciting activities and opportunities ahead.

“The community centre is a nurturing space in which to grow and share,” says Trust Director Marion Pearse. “This is a family-friendly, multi-generational, multi-cultural place where you, and your family can come to play, work, learn, create, eat, drink, talk and listen. It is a place where people can really begin to feel part of something.”

We’re starting out small – a social hub (drinks and wifi) – located within a light-filled, warm and open space that people will feel is their own, and will quickly grow into. We’re utilising local financial contributions and precious donations of time, skills and goods. Local goodwill and voluntary action has kept this ship sailing since 2004, and we’ve shown that we’re not afraid to put our shoulders to the plough.

The ethos of the centre is simply “…to bring people and places together in simple and practical ways, to solve complex problems and reach our combined potential…”

Contact number for the centre is: 0775166648.

Marion Pearse

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One response to “Abergavenny Community Centre”

  1. Mrs Elaine c powell says:

    This is fantastic they have saved a Victorian school park street it put to good use , such a shame that they did not save my old school Victoria street. ,again a good Victorian school happy memories there a very long time ago good luck every one

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