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Local renewables company Green Park Power rounds up the most recent energy saving technologies for residential and commercial properties.

Green Park Power are Certified installers of ‘Power Router’ battery back-up systems. This emerging technology optimises the energy generated by putting unused energy into batteries to be used in the home through the evening. The system also provides home owners and small businesses peace of mind by providing electricity in a power blackout situation. A government report, by Ofgem, has warned that Wales faces power cuts by the winter of 2015 as ageing power plants are shut down. Disruption to electricity supplies is a very real threat to our safety at home and at work.

Do you have stables or remote buildings that have no services? Do you require off grid lighting and/or security? A simple off grid system can supply reliable energy for LED lighting and security cameras. Where appropriate a small turbine can be added to top up the batteries in more wintery weather.

The recent launch of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has caused quite a buzz. The incentive means that investment in Low Carbon forms of home heating (such as Heat Exchangers or Biomass Burners for example) attracts a generous financial reward over several years – as well as saving you money on fuel for your home heating. The RHI is particularly rewarding if your home is off the gas mains and is reasonably well insulated.

‘Intelligent Switching’ has quickly become the must-have PV system accessory in the UK. Thousands of households are already benefitting from free hot water using this simple, economical technology. Using your existing immersion tank, the ‘Intelligent Switch’ can be fitted alongside a new PV system or retro-fitted to existing systems. It simply switches unused energy into the immersion element. So instead of losing the energy to the National Grid you get free hot water.

If you do not have an immersion tank a brand new British designed unit is making intelligent switching an option for homes that use a ‘combi-boiler’ to heat water.  The technology uses a heat exchanger and crystal phase change processes to store and release energy. This is a very new and promising development. Anyone familiar with hand warmers, where one clicks the metal disc to start a reaction within the crystals enclosed, giving a heat energy release, will already be familiar with the principle. Large scale versions for commercial settings are also available.

Green Park Power are proud to be the accredited installation company for Abergavenny Energy Community Interest Company Gwent Energy Community Interest Company and Summit Energies. For your free, no obligation, survey or for more information visit or call us on 01873 269031 or 07792 970406.

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