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Jon Newsam provides an insight into this form of folk dancing.

One day 3 people got together and had a chat, and realized that they had something in common – they all had an interest in morris dancing. One of them, Simon Bilsborough, was dancing in and playing the accordion, in an established side in Herefordshire called Foxwhelp, and the other two – Alison and Jon Newsam – had been morris dancers in Lincolnshire. They decided to form a side in Abergavenny.

With this determination in mind we (for I am one of the above 3) found an ideal venue, which was the Whitefield Presbyterian Church in Pen y Pound, where we practise on a Thursday evening from 7 ‘til 9pm, and we started looking for dancers to teach morris to.

I should say now that people have the wrong idea of morris dancing.  Much as I love Blackadder the idea that morris dancers are old, embarrassing, drunk, and prance around a lot is not true. I am 46. Morris dancing is good fun, as well as good exercise, and is a very social form of dance. You will have to come to see what I mean, and if you do think any of the above, you will be pleasantly surprised.

So here we are, at Whitefield Presby., and the dancers are arriving.  But not enough. Most morris dances need 8 dancers to work properly, and some need either 6 or 4.  Our new side needs more dancers to come on a Thursday evening, and to have a good time.  Our ethos is enjoying ourselves; any age, any background and any ability.  As of now our new side has no name or uniform, but does have unbounded enthusiasm.

If you are interested please turn up on a Thursday at Whitefield Presbyterian Church 7-9pm, or if you have any questions ring Simon on 01873 852534 , or Alison/Jon on 01873 859583

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