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It’s nothing new that as soon as the first green shoots emerge from the dark earth, our thoughts turn to….detoxing! Even our ancestors did it, dishing up something called Spring Pudding as a way of kick-starting the digestive system after the stodgy foods of winter.


A sort of internal spring clean, the detox; but I’m firmly of the opinion that the last thing we need, ever, is any kind of punishing regime. Life’s too short. We can kick-start our systems to greater efficiency in a much nicer way.

So, in the quest for that internal spring clean, the first thing I want you to do is to take a walk. Any route. Just for 20 minutes. We’re lucky in this part of the world that we can access open countryside pretty quickly.
Next – look for three plants. This isn’t hard. You need to find dandelion leaves, cleavers, and young nettle tops. Cleavers are those long sticky tendrils that have teeny burrs later in the year; you know them. If you’re confident in identifying sorrel, get some of that too.

Get a good handful of each and rinse them well once you’re back at home.
Now you can do a number of things.

  • Pop in a blender with a 50-50 mix of juice/water, plain live yoghurt, a banana if you have one… maybe an avocado too…and glug down.
  • Tear up the leaves, add a little oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and blend for the best pesto ever.
  • Add the leaves to a eggs and scramble.
  • Or – easiest of all – throw them in a teapot, steep in hot water, add honey and sip through the day.


The zing that you’ll get from these fresh, free leaves is really hard to describe; for me, it feels like my brain’s been put through a steam cleaner….in a GOOD way!
Adele Nozedar is author of The Hedgerow Handook – Remedies, Recipes and Rituals.

Foraging Walks

Are you interested in the wild plants that we generally overlook? The plants that were an essential part of life for our grandparents?  Join Adele Nozedar for her simple but powerful foraging walks this Spring at various venues – see her website for details. Adele will take out a group of up to 20 people and charges £40 per hour plus travel.  How about arranging this via your organisation? or  07581 226524

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