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Did you know over 75% of convicted burglars are using social media to find out when people are not at home or to find out what brand new valuables they have in their homes?
Here are some hints to help you protect yourself;

Google Streetview lets burglars have a good look around your street and properties in advance.  Your updates, photos, and details on where you work… think about what you’re putting on your page, this information is priceless to a burglar.

‘Checking in’ at the airport if you’re off on a break away… a picture of you sat in the departure lounge with a drink and an update ‘see you in 2 weeks’. Nothing to worry about?  You’re basically telling the burglar that your home is empty. You may not think that you’re friends with burglars on Facebook but do you 100% know all your Facebook friends and who has access to their page?

Do you give a daily run down of your daily routine on social media – school run, work, gym, off out in the evening? You could be telling someone unscrupulous when the best time is to target your home. Think before you post information.

You buy a new bike or electronic gadget which you want to show off, you take the pic and post it on Facebook – DON’T! You’re allowing yourself to become easy pickings.- Thieves have been known to visit specialist ‘Facebook’ pages and suss out where you live, and do your hobbies like cycling, they can even find out where you store your bike. Don’t make yourself an easy target.

Please check your privacy settings and lock your security settings, remember your privacy settings don’t last forever so review them regularly.

Adding information about yourself? Don’t add too many details about where you work or personal information like your full date of birth.

Social media is a great tool for keeping people in touch with each other; just protect yourself from people who may take advantage.

If you would like any further crime prevention tips about protecting yourself and your valuables, please contact your local Neighbourhood Team. All details can be found on our website

Gwent Police

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