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Inspector Fran Richley

Inspector Fran Richley

Inspector Fran Richley is the Inspector for Abergavenny. Here he talks about how Gwent Police are working closely with other emergency services;

The Home Secretary recently communicated her intention to seek a review of the penalty imposed for killing a serving Police Officer. I am sure that most within our communities still appreciate the fine job carried out by our police, often in difficult and dangerous circumstances, in order to keep us safe. Most would agree that receiving a life prison sentence for killing an Officer would send a clear message about society’s values.

The Home Secretary’s announcement led me to reflect on the outstanding work being carried out by the wider Emergency Service family, day in and day out: Fire and Rescue Service, Ambulance Service, Coastguard as well as the Police Service.

I was reminded of this fact last week as I met with managers from Nevill Hall Hospital to discuss how we can develop even closer working links. Across the UK we are privileged to have dedicated doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff who are committed to providing a quality of care to those in need of medical assistance. Sometimes I think it is easy to forget how fortunate Abergavenny is to have an Accident and Emergency Hospital within the town.

Whilst I can, to an extent, understand why some individuals who choose to break the law may not have much time for the police, I find it more difficult to understand why a small minority of people seem to enjoy causing problems for staff at hospitals. It saddens me to hear of instances where medical staff have faced a torrent of verbal abuse or worse still, been subjected to physical aggression by such individuals.

Whilst I am pleased to report that such instances at Neville Hall Hospital are rare, I also want to make it quite clear that Abergavenny Police are working closely with the hospital and will deal robustly when such matters are reported.

In conclusion, one of the joys of having grand children is that it provides an opportunity to sit with them and watch children’s television all over again! Perhaps we can actually learn something from the programmes our children love because the message they contain is often very clear; those who serve us, in whatever capacity, are heroes.

This month, if you agree, why not take a moment to communicate your appreciation to an emergency service worker and make their day.

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