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Dear Readers,

Welcome to May’s issue of the Focus. In this month’s issue we have a special feature on Beautiful Homes, which got me thinking about the difference between a house and a home. Often a house becomes a home once you begin to fill it with your possessions and trinkets – those items which have particular importance to you can really make a space feel like your own, and as though you belong in it.  From my point of view, a house is never a home without art and pictures on the walls! No doubt we all have ideas about what makes a beautiful home – the windows, the floors, the décor, the accessories all play a role in creating a comfortable space in which we can relax and be exactly who we are. Aside from the need for art and pictures, I strongly feel that a house only truly becomes a home when it contains the people you love. I always enjoy my home much more when it’s brimming with family and friends.


Whatever you think makes a Beautiful Home, do take a look at our special homes section on pages 37 to 49. We have some great interior design tips for you as well as a fascinating article by John Hill-Daniel that will make you re-assess your ideas about how much living space you think you and your family need.
The Community Hub section of the magazine is packed with local news this month – there’s lots going on in aid of a wide number of charities. Do keep us posted with news, planned events and even follow up stories on anything that might be happening in our community.
As it seems that Spring may have finally sprung, it only leaves me to wish you an enjoyable May and the two lovely bank holiday weekends that it affords.
Happy Reading!





In this Issue



  • Editorial
  • Abergavenny Events Calendar
  • May’s Weather
  • Pets: ‘Itchy & Scratchy’
  • Puzzles


  • Lock up your Vehicles: Gwent Police
  • In the Pink Canal Walk
  • Gilwern Bowls Club gets off to a smashing season
  • Art Auction Raises over £17000 for Charity
  • Heroes Challenge UK
  • Elvis and his Memphis Mafia
  • Birdwatching Walks
  • A Day to Celebrate Walking
  • Love Your Market Fortnight
  • Is it too late to save our bees?
  • Have you ever thought about adoption?


  • Cool Runnings : Lee Jowitt Auto Repairs
  • A Tale of Two Emmas: Goodies/Cuddle & Cwtch
  • A Touch of Provence: H Shackleton
  • Hannah’s On The Hill – Tea Garden
  • Oyster Pools
  • The Magic of Fable


  • Recipe: Smoked Mackerel Pâté
  • Nana’s Kitchen: Cut and Come Again Cake


  • ‘The Watching’
  • Film Review: Trance
  • Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  • Story: New Beginnings Part 4 by Queenie Young


  • Skirrid Tea Shop Walk


  • Family Space
  • New gallery of William Morris designs at Jaybee
  • Freshen Up Your Home


  • Nothing Ever Stays the Same

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