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The fear of the unknown can wield a lot of power. For example, if you’re anything like me, going to the doctor or dentist can be a pretty scary, bordering on terrifying, experience. So when I went along to visit Clare Johnson – a podiatrist with a practice based in Lulworth House on Monk Street, I felt those familiar pangs of uncertainty…


But hold on a minute, this doesn’t look too bad, I thought, as I entered the yellow building with the bright red front door. And sure enough, it wasn’t. For a start, Clare’s waiting room isn’t a scary soulless sort of place, no. It’s a comfortable, bright space which manages to create a both professional and welcoming atmosphere at the same time.

When Clare comes out to greet me, my initial feelings of hesitance ebb away as her friendly and professional manner immediately helps to put me at ease. She leads me through into another room, where I remove my shoes and socks and hop onto a comfy chair in readiness for my consultation. She fills in a checklist, asks me a few questions and tells me just how important our feet are to our overall wellbeing.

‘We tend not to think about our feet too much because we put our socks and shoes on and pretty much forget about them,’ Clare explains, ‘But the moment something goes wrong, it can cause all sorts of pain, and that’s where I can help.’

As it happens, I don’t actually have anything wrong with my feet. No fungal nails, athlete’s foot, calluses or corns. But if I did, and if they needed seeing to and sorting out, this is where I’d come. I ask Clare if many of her clients are nervous types like me, and she gives me a knowing look, telling me that she meets all sorts of people, many of who are scared or embarrassed about their foot problems. ‘But they don’t need to be worried or feel ashamed. I’ve been doing this for a really long time, so I’m used to it. The most important thing is that the problem gets sorted out. You’d be amazed what a difference it can make.’

And Clare does know what she is doing. She has over nineteen years clinical experience in both the NHS and Private Practice and a mind boggling number of letters after her name to prove just how qualified a professional she is. She can help with a wide range of presenting problems from dry, split heels, through to nail surgery to remove ingrowing toenails and she can even offer a toenail reconstruction technique for fungal, thickened or unsightly nails. She has a specialist interest in diabetes and can offer a wealth of expert advice about how best to look after your feet and what footwear you should choose.

My consultation was really quite a relaxing experience. I expected to wince at having my nails trimmed, or balk at the removal of dead skin, but I was pleasantly surprised. In Clare’s expert hands I felt totally comfortable and relaxed and utterly confident that I wouldn’t think twice about visiting again!

Clare’s clinic is located at Lulworth House, 30 Monk Street, Abergavenny. You can contact the clinic by calling 01873 852 002 or

Visit www.clarejohnsonpodiatrist for further information.

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