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Quite Interesting: Wild Weather

February 6th, 2014

Following the recent rainy weather across the United Kingdom, January is set to be confirmed as the wettest month on record for Wales. By January 15th Wales had already seen 88% of its average monthly rainfall, while December saw a total of 184.7mm of rain; that’s over one and a half times the expected average for the month.


  • In contrast, the driest place on the planet is Antofagasta in Chile. The average yearly rainfall is 0.1mm per year, but many years see no rainfall at all.
  • The recent polar vortex, which saw temperatures fall sharply across North America, affected over 190 million people. The lowest temperature to be recorded was -37C (-35F) in Embarrass, Minnesota. That’s colder than readings recently recorded on Mars!
  • At the opposite end of the spectrum, Al’Aziziyah in Libya has the highest recorded temperature on earth. This occurred on 13th September 1922, when the mercury hit 58 degrees centigrade!
  • Count yourself lucky…if the rainy weather is getting you down, spare a thought for those people caught in a hailstorm in Bangladesh on 14th April 1986. The hailstones were the biggest ever recorded, weighing an astonishing 1kg each – killing 92 people.


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