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Bailey-Jay is a 2 year old boy from Abergavenny, who lives with his Mum, Dad and two sisters. The day after his second birthday, Bailey had a long awaited MRI Scan and was sadly diagnosed with a Brain tumour. Bailey had been suffering from episodes of right leg weakness, that progressed episodes of the whole right side becoming weak.

Three weeks after the diagnosis, it was discovered that Bailey-Jay’s brain tumour was deemed inoperable, due to the high risk of permanent right side paralysis. Bailey-Jay was admitted into Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for brain tumour biopsy, which led to a gruelling 10 week wait for results.

Bailey-Jay was diagnosed with a Low Grade Glioma (Pilocytic Astrocytoma). These type of brain tumours usually have a good cure rate, if they can be fully resected, but as previously discovered, this isn’t possible in his case. A team of specialists at Noah’s Ark have decided that the best course of action for Bailey-Jay at present, is to monitor the tumour’s growth and for him to start seizure medication. If and when any growth is detected or the medication fails to control his seizures, he will then go in for a cranitomy surgery to debulk to tumour as much as possible. The remaining tumour will then be monitored for growth/change. If any is detected, he will then need further intervention, possibly further surgery or an 18 month course of Chemotherapy.

The debulking surgery still carries a high risk of causing Bailey a mobility deficit and possibly right sided paralysis. Bailey has already gone through so much in the last few months, from having his biopsy, several hospital stays, to four MRI/CT scans under general anaesthetic and, unfortunately, the journey ahead appears to be a long and difficult one for both he and his family.

Bailey-Jay’s parents, family and friends have started fundraising to raise funds for Bailey and for any treatment, therapy or equipment he may need in the future. There is a Facebook page dedicated to Bailey-Jay’s story and the fundraising efforts (Bailey Jay’s Brain Tumour Battle). They are currently holding a raffle, which consists of over 70+ prizes, which have been kindly donated by local people and businesses. There is also a chance to buy keyrings (£4) and bracelets (£2.50) to show your support and solidarity. A fundraiser fun day is currently being organised to take place on the 26th of August at 1pm at Pen Y Pound Stadium, Abergavenny. They hope to see many of you there.


Bailey Jay Face Book Page

Bailey Jay Fundraising Page

Contact the family to assist in fundraising or to donate by using the contact form below.

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