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1. Moongazing:

Look into the sky just after sunset on 12th and 13th May, low on the northwest horizon, and look out for the crescent moon visible just next to Mercury and above Venus.

2. Nettles:

These are in abundance at this time of year. Pluck the tender young leaves from the tips using rubber gloves and dry them in the oven to make nettle chips. Sprinkle them with salt and serve them with a good, cold beer.

3. Books:

Leonard and Hungry Paul by Ronan Hessian. This is the story of two friends who ordinarily would remain uncelebrated. It finds a value and specialness in them that is not immediately apparent and prompts the idea that maybe we could learn from the people that we overlook in life. Leonard and Hungry Paul change the world differently to the rest of us: we try and change it by effort and force; they change it by discovering the small things they can do well and offering them to others.

4. Draw the landscape:

It’s an affordable and accessible way to reconnect with nature. Try walking in a landscape for 15 minutes before you begin sketching, then settle down on a stone wall, rock or stump, and take time to notice and sketch the tiny, magical details around you that you might otherwise miss.

5. Listen:

The National Trust Podcast takes you on an audio adventure through some of the UK’s greatest landscapes, walks, gardens, homes, and collections. You’ll uncover the hidden stories, learn about the fascinating characters, and meet the wonderful people that make all the places so special. New episodes are released every two weeks.

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