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Abergavenny Focus February 2021


South Powys Focus February 2021


Dear Readers,

One valuable thing that all this lockdown pandemic stuff has taught me, is that people are extremely generous. That generosity might show itself in offering time to help somebody, offering food to foodbanks, charitable donations of clothing, baby clothes etc, or just lending somebody your ear.

In the ten years that I’ve lived here, I’ve always known that the people in this little pocket of Wales are pretty special, always willing to do and give everything listed above and more, and this past year has proved it. Through the truly tough times people have been generous with their time and with their thoughts of others. It’s really amazing to learn about the selfless work people have done and continue to do. In this month’s Focus we celebrate this; looking at the various ways people are helping one another within our community. It’s uplifting to know there are little miracles taking place every single day…even in the darkest moments.

You may notice that this month the print on the pages of the magazine is a little bit bolder and a little less faint than it has been in the past. Following much appreciated feedback, we’ve increased the weight of the print to make it that bit more comfortable to read. I hope it works for you!

Next month, we’ll be looking at Money and Finances and will have lots of advice about this tricky subject. I don’t know about you, but at the mention of Finances I develop an instant headache, so I’ll be reading our guest articles with great interest.

Until then, please continue to stay safe and be kind to yourself.

Much Love,


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