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Imagine a Garden…This garden is full of wildlife; bees, bugs and butterflies, frogs, hedgehogs and birds. Imagine a garden full of flowers looking glorious and smelling sweet. Imagine a garden with vegetable patch full of delicious, fresh, organic food. Now imagine sitting in that garden and resting your mind and body as you watch your good work doing it’s thing. This is a permaculture garden and our club would like to help you achieve it.

The Abergavenny Permaculture Garden Club is an online club showing you videos and information about how to create a beautiful sustainable garden. You can also ask questions to our group which includes both experienced growers and beginners. We can share knowledge, tips and resources. The group is based on Facebook but if you prefer we can e-mail information to you.

Permaculture is a way of designing something which is sustainable and in balance with it’s surroundings. It can be applied to all aspects of life but it is especially good in the garden.
Many people of all ages during lockdown have discovered what a treasure it is to have a garden, a space of whatever size to spend time, work a bit, relax a bit, listen to the birds, watch the busy bees and take joy in growing flowers and vegetables. At the same time we are all aware of how fragile our planet is and we would like to know how to make things better.

Did you know that the combined area of all our gardens is greater than the combined area of all our national nature reserves? I believe we can use our gardens to clean our air, to feed our soils, to reduce our waste, to combat species decline, and to make ourselves healthier, and it’s really not that difficult! The joy of permaculture gardening is that it’s actually LESS work! The birds eat your caterpillars, the hedgehogs eat your snails, the worms dig your beds for you. Stop fighting nature and try a different way.

Karen Schneider

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