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The recommended daily step count for good health is 10,000, or five miles a day which sounds like a lot, but going about your daily life means you’ll naturally cover a fair few steps, meaning that in practice you won’t need to do too much more to hit the daily target.

If you’re starting 2020 with the goal of achieving 10,000+ steps a day, here are a few suggestions of how you can sneak in a little bit more, without stepping foot inside a gym!


  1. If you work in an office, consider going to speak to your colleague instead of firing off an email. It gets you up and off your bottom.
  2. Avoid escalators and lifts and take the stairs instead. Not only is it more of a workout, you’ll get an energy boost from the activity.
  3. The next time you take a phone call or watch a programme on television, pace up and down instead of sitting on the sofa.
  4. Park further away from your destination.
  5. If you use the bus to get to work, consider getting off one or two stops before your stop and walking the remaining distance.
  6. Walk your dog further, or offer to take a friend’s dog for a walk.
  7. Change the way you do your shopping. If you need cucumbers and oranges, put one in your trolley and come back to the veg aisle later on in your shop for the other.
  8. Play games that involve walking. If you have young kids, all you need to do is download Pokemon Go and you’re away. Geocaching is also a great way to increase steps and a fabulous activity for the whole family.
  9. If you work at a desk and remain seated for a good portion of the day, take regular breaks to get up from your desk and take a short walk to the loo, the kitchen for a drink etc.
  10. If you already do a fair few steps every day, boost your step count by going to a new place to walk. Changing your route or going to a new scenic area will create new interest and the ability to up your steps without you really noticing.

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