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Another academic year comes around so quickly. While this is time for a fresh start, and this education supplement covers all aspects of the modern education setting, almost immediately there are exams on the horizon with GCSEs and resits in October which is only one month away. Within the education system, while teachers and schools face immense challenges to deliver education in a timely manner, sometimes extra help is required.

Some teachers organise in their own time extra classes for students to enable these students to keep up with the course work. However, and it is not a criticism, this usually happens only nearer the exams. The education system, as it is in the mainstream, does not allow time for students who are struggling with their coursework. Extra help is often required, not only for students to understand the work, but in some instances, to cover course material not presented at school. Where this happens, unless this material is made available by handouts or as an instruction to study chapter X in their own time, students are unlikely to have covered the whole specification let alone understand it all.

Tutors are not a modern invention but are an increasing presence in the modern education landscape and compliment existing learning methods. Usually face-to-face, tutors can bring years of experience gained from guiding previous students through their exams. They can also bolster students’ confidence and fill a void that teachers / parents cannot cover due to the full workload or parents having family and work commitments.

As the new academic year starts, it should be the goal of all students achieving exam success that we should be focused on. If we can do this then we all will have been successful in making the future for this school generation a bright one.

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