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Who doesn’t love a good old treasure hunt? Unless you’ve been hiding under a stone – see what I did there – you’ll be aware of the latest craze that’s sweeping the nation, where painted rocks are hidden for others to find and then re-hidden to keep the game going.

In our March issue of the Abergavenny Focus, we had some great fun hiding stones around the town for you to find and lots of you went out searching – sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Such was the popularity of the treasure hunt that we thought it would be fun to do it all over again, but this time slightly differently and include our readers from the Crickhowell & Brecon Focus, so that everyone can get involved.

This time, each stone that we’ve hidden has been sponsored by one of our fabulous advertisers. In sponsoring a stone, they have each provided a prize for the lucky finder of the stone. More about that later…

In order to get involved there are a few things to remember.

  • Firstly, the treasure hunt does not begin until 4th May. This gives you plenty of time to think about the clues…but no searching until 4th (the stones won’t be hidden until then so you’ll have a wasted trip!)
  • You can only claim one stone per household/family in order to give everyone who participates a fair chance. When you find a stone, all you have to do is take it home with you, take a photo of yourself holding the stone (for proof!) and send the photo to us via email, telling us where you found it. Our email address is We will then arrange collection or delivery of your prize with you.
  • Keep in mind that all the stones are hidden in publicly accessible locations, which are safe. No trespassing or putting yourself at risk is necessary.
  • Our clues may be cryptic and give a general location. If you can’t find the stone you’re looking for, look high and look low. If you still can’t find the stone or you simply can’t solve the clue, then keep an eye on our Facebook Page. We will be releasing clues every Monday until the stones are found. Keep up to date by liking our Facebook Page: @TheAbergavennyFocus

Here are the stones you need to search for, and details of the prizes you can win…

The Crickhowell Adventure Stone

“The site of an ancient Celtic church is a perfect place to Hide and be hidden. Take a stroll nearby but be mindful of those wanting to steal 3 kisses from you. What might you spy? Great crested grebes or the sound of a water rail perhaps? Bring binoculars to sight the next true King of England!”

The finder of this stone will win £25 to spend in Crickhowell Adventure – your local independent outdoor shop. They have so much to choose from including womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories and rucksacks – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The Tea Emporium Stone

“More Celts! This time the Normans had their way. In this the Mother location, you’ll find a stone, surrounded by stone. Listen to me: I am the largest font of knowledge. Can’t find what you seek? Make like a pilgrim and eat cake instead.”

The finder of this stone will win loose leaf tea worth £30 from the Tea Emporium, located on Ship St, Brecon who stock over 250 varieties of loose leaf tea including organic and decaffeinated. The prize includes the uniquely flavoured Darjeeling Gielle tea from the Himalayas and Taiping Hou Kui tea – a delicate green tea, selected as one of the finest teas in China!

The Foy Williams Stone

“In Camden some tell fibs, others the truth. This Camden spoke of the ‘infamy of treachery’ about this place. A curtain wall and four storeys, but no lift and no curtains. This place certainly makes the Grade (1) and keeps company with local shops and the flowing river below.”

Foy Williams is a long established local, independent and knowledgeable estate agent providing a professional service that includes property sales, rental management and auctions. The finder of this stone will win £30 of vouchers, kindly purchased by Foy Williams, to spend in Neil Powell Master Butchers in Abergavenny.

The Focus Stone

“Two blokes and a barrel and a couple of hats, their lime zest for life, suspended. The toll collectors have long gone but you can stop a while if you’re a paying guest and enjoy the aqueduct, or the passing water traffic. I’ve heard hummingbirds have even been spotted close by.”

The lucky finder of our stone will win a £30 voucher to spend in Mockingbird – a quirky independent gift shop located in Frogmore St, Abergavenny.


Happy Hunting!

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