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On Saturday 7th April, the Fourth Black Mountain Craft Market will be held in the Clarence Hall, Crickhowell, from 10am to 4pm.

This event takes place every year to raise money for a charity that funds research into a potential cure for Crohn’s Disease – Crohn’s MAP Vaccine (
The charity was set up by Crohn’s sufferers and their families to support the work of Professor John Hermon-Taylor at King’s College London. Professor Hermon-Taylor has been working for over 30 years on the theory that a bacterium Mycobacterium avium subspecies Paratuberculosis is the root cause of Crohn’s Disease. He had developed a vaccine which proved effective in laboratory tests, but money was needed to develop a reliable test for the bacterium.

The Crohn’s Map Vaccine Heroes were born, and Helen, a local woman, joined in the fundraising. She has raised almost £5,000 ( to add to over £600,000 which has been raised by the charity. In 2017 the Phase I trial was completed on the vaccine, on healthy volunteers, with no safety concerns, and a good immune response.

Phase IIa trials are likely to start in early 2018, which will involve Crohn’s patients, and will show whether the vaccine is likely to be effective. It is all very exciting!

The charity is made up solely of volunteers and all money goes direct to fund the research, so come along to the Craft Market! It showcases beautiful handmade items from local craftspeople, and raises money for a very worthwhile cause.

Helen Varney

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