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It has been fabulous to see the sunshine at last! The winter seems to have dragged on for ages,  dull, wet and miserable days… no inspiration to get out and do anything!

We were lucky to be involved in Crickhowell’s Walking Festival at the beginning of March… it was such a joy to get out at last, feel the wind in your face, blowing out the cobwebs… superb! It is also a great opportunity to meet  fellow minded people and to get reacquainted with folks met in previous years.

The highlight of the festival for me was meeting Kenton Cool; he has summited Everest 11 times  and guided Sir Randolph Fiennes up the North Face of the Eiger. He was joining us to walk to the Lonely Shepherd  on  Llangattock, raising  money for Nepal Earthquake relief  fund in partnership with Sherpa Adventure Gear… it  was a beautiful day, chilly but sunny, bright and the company a pleasure.

This is a lovely walk, to a stone that is probably not that well known, indeed some of our fellow walkers had never visited it even though they’ve lived in Crickhowell for years! Of course it has various tales surrounding why and  how  it  arrived there… two of them relate  to  a chap who was either, a.) not nice to his wife and was turned to stone; to stand forever on the side of the mountain, only coming alive on Midsummer night whence he visits the river, or, b.) a chap who loved his wife so much that when she died he turned to stone, only coming alive on Midsummer night to go and search for her…. alternatively, some say it was left when the quarry was working to see just how much rock was removed! Take your pick!!

If you fancy this walk and would like  a guide, it features in one of the  ‘Cracking Walks’  booklets which we sell. These are beautifully put together booklets which have a number of walks that start from Crickhowell, any of them are perfect for exploring our stunning area this Spring!

Jane Bradbury – Crickhowell Adventure

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