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Crickhowell Rotary Club makes a difference in the local area. Whether keeping the recycling area clean, helping local schools, rattling tins for charity we have a presence in the our community.

Do you know about our international exploits?

The global Rotary movement (1.200.000 members) has been the prime mover in virtually eradicating the crippling disease of Polio from our world. Just 30 years ago Polio was endemic in 125 countries with 1000 cases daily. So, with help from the World Health Organisation, in 2015 the disease now affects just two countries; Afghanistan and Pakistan with 30 cases annually. This has been achieved with two drops of vaccine for every vulnerable child through Rotary raising over £1 billion towards the costs involved – thanks to local schools and the community for their help in our endeavours.

In addition, we always assist whenever/wherever natural disasters occur –   our Shelterbox scheme has helped thousands of affected people to find shelter until a permanent solution is provided.

When you see us rattling tins, please remember that all we raise goes to many good causes both locally and internationally!

October 24th was World Polio Day.

Crickhowell Rotary Club

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