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Crickhowell lends itself well to becoming the setting for the newest literary festival in South Wales. The local area has been an inspiration for writers for centuries.

Rev. Thomas Price (Carnhuanawc), lived and preached in the area in the early nineteenth century. Carnhuanawc was a vocal and active promoter of the Welsh language and culture, and published articles and essay on Welsh literature, as well as campaigning for Welsh language ministry. He was a major influence on Lady Charlotte Guest, whom he assisted in her translation of the Mabinogion.

Best-View-of-Crickhowell-(1-of-1)Tolkien was inspired by Wales: This is a landscape which was almost certainly known to Tolkien; many of his place names have strangely similar equivalents in the vicinity (e.g. Buckland and Crick Hollow/Crickhowell).

Raymond Williams’ poetic description of the fingered valleys of this region of the Black Mountains whilst The words of Roland Mathias, David Jones and Henry Vaughan are also relevant to the surrounding landscape.

Horatio Clare wrote his first book ‘Running for the Hills’ based on his experiences of growing up in a hill farm in the Beacons. Whilst Poets Paul Henry and Owen Sheers both draw from the local landscape and characters. Sheers first novel ‘Resistance’ focuses on the nearby Olchon Valley.

Crickhowell Literary Festival was Initially conceived as a three day event, the wealth of talent locally and the willingness of writers from throughout the UK to take part has resulted in a busy programme spanning well over a week.

The Festival features something for everyone ­ there will be lots of talks ­ on books, poetry, art, sport and politics; and there will be readings, stories, interviews, debates, candle-lit literary suppers, creative writing workshops and wholesome walks.

2014 Wales Book of the Year for Fiction winner Francesca Rhydderch will launch the festival on 3rd October

2014 Wales Book of the Year for Fiction winner Francesca Rhydderch will launch the festival on 3rd October

The 2014 Wales Book of the Year for Fiction winner Francesca Rhydderch will launch the week¹s festivities and a reading from this year’s Costa Book Award for poetry winner, Jonathan Edwards, will close it.

We hope that the Crickhowell Literary festival will bring opportunities for learning and pleasure to the entire community. We would like to see it develop into a popular annual event that not only promotes Crickhowell as a cultural destination but also showcases what we, as a town, can offer the wider world throughout the year.

We would like to thank all the businesses, community groups and the people of Crickhowell for their continuing support.

The festival website and booking are now live please visit to book your tickets.

Crickhowell Literary Festival

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