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In the 1920’s Soup Kitchens sustained the poorer and impoverished levels of society.Today it’s the Food Bank which serves the same purpose where families and individuals rely on the generosity of others to put food on their table.

A food bank exists in the centre of Abergavenny which provides a service of support to the needy of the  town and surrounding area, including Crickhowell.
It is administered by a team of 30 volunteers and has in its 3 year existance provided about 5,400 meals to deprived families, individuals and ‘sofa surfers’ (people who are homeless,and rely on friends or relations for a roof over their heads).

People seeking assistance from the bank have to provide a voucher signed by a doctor or social service officer to derive benefit from the bank.

Crickhowell Rotary Club has supported the Abergavenny food bank over a year where it has passed donated food donated in Crickhowell its central distribution in Abergavenny.

However, the donation level of food in Crickhowell has diminished recently at a time when the demand for support has increased.

It is this fact that prompts this article, times are not easy for  most people, but there are some who find themselves below the  poverty line and find the food bank the only means of putting food on their table. Therefore, you generous people of Crickhowell will you please, please donate what stable food you can to this humane request.

Donated food can be left in the Rotary container beneath the steps in the Market Hall, Crickhowell.

Rotary Club of Crickhowell.

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