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It’s that time of year again and, with a bit of luck, the weather will stay nice throughout the summer. Time to dust off the barbecue and enjoy some summer sizzles!


Gas or Charcoal?

Nifty charcoal gadget: Looftlighter

charcoal-lighter Say goodbye to the days of squirting lighter fluid everywhere. This helpful device ignites charcoal in less than a minute, and comes with a built-in bottle opener!

If you’re in the market for a new BBQ, one choice you’ll need to make is whether to opt for a gas grill or one powered by charcoal. There are lots of differing opinions on which is best. Charcoal grills give an authentic taste, burn hot and seal in juices and are commonly recommended by BBQ experts. They are also cheaper to buy than gas grills. The downside is that charcoal grills can take forever to light and while they provide that authentic flavour, if you do it wrong you can end up with sausages that are black on the outside and raw in the middle.

A gas grill, on the other hand,  is a lot easier to use than a conventional charcoal BBQ, but it won’t produce that authentic real fire flavour. Nevertheless, gas grills are much more convenient to use and you can fire them up quickly, without the hassle and mess of charcoal. If you want to come home and chuck a couple of chicken breasts and burgers on the barbie, then a gas grill is the way to go, as it can be lit in moments.

Nifty gadget: The Grillbot automated robot grill cleaner


It removes just enough gunk from the grill to clean it but not too much to compromise flavour. Who wouldn’t want one of these? Put your wire brushes away! Only currently available in the US, but soon to be released in the UK.

Blow the Budget

If you’re really serious about outdoor grilling, why not blow the budget on this daddy of BBQs? The Weber Summit Centre is an outdoor kitchen complete with sear station and rotisserie. At a cool five grand, it’s for the most ardent (and wealthiest) BBQ lover.


burgersDon’t go for cheap bangers and burgers. Buy quality mince to make burgers and treat them like steaks – leaving them pink in the middle. Small pieces of meat overcook quickly on a barbecue, so choose bigger cuts such as a butterflied leg of lamb. With the fabulous array of quality meat available from excellent butchers in and around Abergavenny, there’s no excuse not to slap something of high quality on your grill!

Quick Tricks

Here’s a quick sweet chilli marinade which is perfect for chicken (serves 2). Combine 3 tbsp sweet chilli sauce with 3 tbsp oyster sauce. Pour over 2 chicken breasts and set aside to marinade for 20 mins or longer if desired.

To make a delicious glaze for pork or lamb, combine redcurrant jelly, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. Simply brush this over your meat while it cooks for a sweet caramelized flavour.

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