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In the current housing market, more people are choosing to rejuvenate their existing home, rather than buying a new property.  By making a range of changes, big and small, you can make your home feel fresh, potentially making it so significantly different that you’ll feel like you’ve moved home without all the stresses of changing your address!  Here are 5 tips for how to make your old home feel brand new:

1. Introduce harmony into an old room

Tip-1---cream-roomRejuvenate your living room by changing the walls. Painting the walls a different colour or adding texture by adding wallpaper, can really transform a room. If you want to make it more harmonious and calm, repaint the room cream! Cream is the most tranquil of colours. It’s fresh, soft and calming. Walk into a cream room and you can almost feel your pulse slow and your blood pressure lowered. There is nothing that will jar the eye or set the spirit on edge.

2. Lighting has the power to transform

It’s easy to radically change the entire mood and feel of a room by altering lighting and colour. Lighting is sexy: it has the ability to transform a space, while at the same time, be transformed according to the different materials used within the space itself. It can even change the mood of your kitchen. For example, it is worth considering top-lighting the cupboards to add a soft glow.

3. Don’t forget flooring

Tip-3---rugAn important consideration when remodeling your home is flooring. If you’re using wooden floors in the bedroom, I would advise buying a silk or shag-pile rug, which will be a blessing under bare feet.

Wood also looks great with the richness of sand coloured walls.

4. Rejuvenate a tired bathroom

Bathroom design needs to be carefully thought through because it’s not something you can change easily. If a bathroom is to work successfully, you will have to work out in advance exactly what you will do in there and take into account where everything will be kept. That being said, it is easy to make your run down bathroom feel brand new. Changing the key features like taps, basins, and tiles can make a huge difference and can modernise your bathroom in half the time and for half the cost.

5. Build an extension

Tip-5---extensionIf you’re looking for more space but want to stay in your existing property, why not consider an extension? There are endless possibilities for a whole new room in your home: a home office, kid’s bedroom, or even a gym! To build the perfect extension from scratch, make sure you decide on the function of this new room before you start on its construction.
So, with a little imagination, an old home doesn’t have to feel old and tired, but regenerated and new!

Design Tips by Vogue Interior Design

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