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Ten quite interesting facts about cars and motoring


  1. You can play the computer game ‘pong’ in a Saab. The game is included in the on-board computer
  2. There’s a £30 fine for using a car horn whilst stationary in the UK
  3. There are 1 billion cars in active use across the world today
  4. The iconic Rolls-Royce ornament is called ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’ and, in 2008, a special edition diamond-encrusted version was designed. The asking price: a cool $200,000
  5. The fine for the first motoring offence in the UK was issued to petrol engine pioneer John Henry Knight in 1895 for not having a license. The fine was 5 shillings
  6. The first coin-operated parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City in 1935
  7. The height of the world’s lowest street-legal car is 19 inches. The ‘Flatmobile’ was built by Perry Watkins from Buckinghamshire
  8. The average British driver will spend 99 days stuck in traffic over the course of their lifetime
  9. You can double the range of a remote car key, by holding it to your head. This is because the human skull acts as an amplifier
  10. The largest speeding fine ever was one million dollars and was given to a Swedish man, clocked for doing 180mph in Switzerland, where fines are proportionate to income

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