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Dear Readers,

For many of us, August is a time to kick back and relax. It’s the annual school summer holiday, which often cues family escapes to sunnier climes. For others, the summer sun and warmth associated with the month of August means that we move that bit slower through everyday life, enjoying laid back al fresco socialising, gardening or even a spot of sunbathing (with the appropriate SPF!)

When I was young, August always felt like the calm before a storm – the halcyon days of summer were to be fully savoured before September arrived, bringing with it a new school term, a new teacher, a new uniform, new everything (so it seemed).

Here at Focus HQ, August won’t permit any slowing down at all.  In fact, it’s set to be the very eye of the storm and busier than ever! Very shortly we will be relocating Focus HQ to another lovely Abergavenny spot. This means packing up endless boxes of books (I have far too many), clothes (too many of those as well) and platters (something of a fetish). To make matters that much trickier, I’ll be recovering from surgery during this time, meaning that Pete will have to smile and grit his teeth at the orders I’ll no doubt bark at him from my spot on the sofa. He’s smart enough to pick and choose what he actually listens to, but always gives the impression he’s acting on every one of my unreasonable requests.  Wise man.

I hope that, for the rest of you at least, August will indeed herald a time to relax a bit more, enjoy some time together, bond during a family summer getaway. Whatever it may be, may the sun shine a little bit longer and may you all enjoy this month’s Focus and the month ahead.

Happy Reading,



In this issue

Abergavenny Events Calendar
August’s Weather
Parkers Projects – Summer Gardening & DIY

Message from the Inspector
Abergavenny Festival of Cycling 2013
Sweet Chilli Charity
Witches Of Eastwick
Community Contacts

Keep Cool and Carry On
How to look great in every photograph
All that Jazz: Wall2wall Jazz Festival
Does everybody need good neighbours?

The ‘Great Gatsby’ Fanfare Feast
Nana’s Kitchen: No Bake Vanilla Cheesecake
Recipe: Penny Pincher Tomato Sauce

Emmeline’s Home Baking: A taste of Norway
Anthony A Davies Group
Yoga & Relaxation Classes

Goytre Wharf walk

Kids’ Puzzles
Bedtime Story: Owen’s Day Out

Film Review: Monsters University
Book Review: The Red House
Short Story: The Art Competition

History: Looking Back on 1913  
Jackie Brewster
Sophie Chesney
Emma Corfield-Walters
Hannah Hill
Pete Hill
Pauline Mardell
Kate McLelland
Helen Morgan
Patty Papageorgiou-Axford
Alan Parker
Hannah Pell
Jonathan Powell
Fran Richley
Helen Taylor
Sandra Thompson

Photography Contributions:
Sophie Chesney
Simon Powell

Contributing Organisations:
Abergavenny Food Festival
VIG Youth Theatre
Wall2Wall Jazz Festival

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