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Abergavenny is about to host a brand new Jazz festival to rival that of Brecon and many others, but why does Abergavenny need a new festival? Here are 5 good reasons…



Black Mountain Jazz has been bringing high quality live jazz to Abergavenny for six years, attracting leading UK artists. A festival, which is already getting national attention, is the natural ‘next step’.


Apart from appealing to Jazz fans, creating a festival offers the opportunity to do much more.  It helps make the whole genre of Jazz more accessible and appreciable. At the wall2wall festival two large free gigs will be held in order to bring the love of Jazz to the community. On Saturday morning the first event will be led by the widely acclaimed Brass Jaw who will explore the many different types of jazz that have been developed over the past 100 years.  The Sunday free gig celebrates South Wales Jazz with well-regarded artists coming from all over the region.


A jazz festival also provides the opportunity to explore new ideas and cement them for the future.  This inaugural year of the festival includes a workshop for younger players, aged between 9 to 19 years.  With good fortune, this will develop into a more regular feature throughout the year, offering young musicians an outlet for exploring and enjoying jazz music.


Successful festivals will be yet another feather in Abergavenny’s cap, enhancing its national reputation. The food and cycling festivals both contribute to the recognition of the place name; Abergavenny.  An annual successful jazz festival will add further to this and the benefits are there for all – not just those that enjoy jazz.


Last but not least, whether you are a Jazz fan or not – it is going to be a lot of fun! Why not join in and help? We’re looking for volunteers to help steward the events. If you can help please contact Ruth on 07528 225751 or email
Please join in and help make this first year a great success. Tickets are available online or from the Abergavenny Tourist Information Centre by the bus station.

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