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 Highly Commended

12-18 Yrs Category
by Karish Seeburrun


Mr Jones was the most famous salesman in the Northern Hemisphere because he had invented an astounding machine, which could convert crude oil into harmless delectable vanilla soda; no ordinary soda, but a creamier and tastier drink that even had a mouth-watering aroma.

The building containing this magical invention was situated in Miami, America. Jones’ Industries was larger than three mansions combined. The exterior of the skyscraper was smothered in unreadable graffiti blazed by local hooligans. Three aspects of life: graffiti, vandalism and discrimination did not bother Dave Jones as he was an inventor, a person who had inherited the gene from his ancestors, he was someone with no time for time-wasters.

One day, Dave was working in his office on his new project to transform carbon dioxide into a delicious ice-cream. Early that morning Mr Jones went to inspect the working standards and noticed mildew growing on the corners of the ceiling, which caught fire with oil. Dave commanded his two cleaners to clean the ceiling. ‘What is this? Have I employed you to enjoy yourselves or clean?’

They began cleaning immediately, as they were frightened, but forgot they had crude oil on them. Cleaner One’s sleeve made contact with a mushroom and set the factory alight. Dave evacuated his staff off the premises and released the contents of his machine; the cream vanilla soda extinguishes the fire!

Luckily, one cleaner rescued the blueprints for his new invention.



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