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Under 12 Years Category
By Cara Newsam

Snout was already awake. He was pondering over what sparrow had said yesterday. “He said, spring was coming, so…” whispered Snout determinedly, ”I will go and meet her myself.”
He set off at once into the forest, towards the meadow. He had only been five minutes when he saw Squeak, a shy mouse. Squeak asked Snout if she could accompany him and of course Snout said ‘yes’. The forest was dark with night when they reached a clearing. Here they met a squirrel named Bristle. “ I will come too I think,” exclaimed Bristle haughtily, and he did. They made quite a trio, what with Snouts spikes, Squeaks huge whiskers and Bristles’ fluffy tail.
It seemed like hours by the time they reached the edge of the forest and it had been hours for it was now morning. Snout yawned, as the nocturnol-ness inside him demanded sleep. “Spring is not here,” said Bristle bossily, “I’m going back.” He turned tail and marched back. Nervously, Squeak followed.
Snout sat down and looked around. Below him a meadow lay full of flowers and bouncy lambs. A diamond tear rolled down Snout’s cheek. Spring won’t come he thought. He was just giving up when a lamb bounced over. When informed of Snout’s worry she explained that Spring was ‘a season of joy’. Snout suddenly realised what Spring was and that ‘she’ was well and truly here.

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