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By Oliver Barton

Gary gazed at the passing countryside, and toyed with what he would do with the money. £384 million. He would give his parents and his brother and his few close friends a million each. Or perhaps half a million. It wouldn’t do to spoil them. Of course he would spend some on himself. He didn’t need much. Give up work, yes! With the bulk, he would be noble and use it for
deserving enterprises.

On the little table before him, his laptop had gone to sleep, as had he for most of the journey from London. He had intended to do some work in preparation for his pitch in Abergavenny on the morrow. He was staying at the Angel Hotel at the company’s expense, what a treat! Then he realized that with his new wealth he could buy the Angel and still be incredibly rich. It was utterly mind-boggling.
He had five minutes for the connection at Newport, but his train ran late. He leapt off and over the bridge, laptop bag flapping, and just managed to squeeze aboard the Abergavenny train as the doors closed. It was his lucky day, he thought, and the train rumbled away.

Then he realized that his overnight bag with samples and suit was still on the Paddington train…

[to be continued…]

Oliver is a member of the Abergavenny writing group THE WORD COUNTS. You will be able to read the next episode of his story in the March issue of the Abergavenny Focus.


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