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Distribution Terms and Conditions

  • The distribution is monthly and always starts on a Friday; (usually the last Friday of the month). We will deliver the magazines to your home address or you may need to pick up the magazines from our address on the Friday morning. If we are delivering to your address there must be someone in to recieve the magazines.
  • The round must be completed by the end of the following Monday (i.e. 4 days)
  • We pay £40 per 500 magazines, (or 0.08 per magazine) delivered door to door.
  • You will be given a map showing your distribution round. All highlighted roads should be delivered to.
  • We require all addresses (business and residential) within a distribution area to receive a magazine, (one per address) unless the address is clearly vacant, is inaccessible or is dangerous to enter. This includes the presence of dogs. We leave it to the discretion of the distributor as to whether a dog is dangerous or not. In the case of large shop chains, (such as Tesco) we do not require a magazine to be delivered. However, independent shops and businesses should receive a copy.
  • In the case of flats, please deliver one magazine per letterbox. If the letterbox is not accessible, do not leave magazines in public areas. Do not deliver, and let us know that the flats were not accessible.
  • No other leaflets, publications or other printed materials may be delivered with the magazine.
  • We will provide you with a link ( to an online form to fill in when the round is complete. The form will generate an invoice to Focus Magazines Ltd. Once we have received this, we will transfer your pay into your bank directly.
  • You are not on the payroll of Focus Magazines Ltd and remain responsible for your own tax commitments and liabilities.
  •  If you are unable to complete any given distribution, please let us know as soon as you can.